Undergraduate Degree Programmes

B.Sc in Marketing

The programme seeks to equip students with improve decision-making skills, to enable them manage marketing activities effectively in global environment, and enhance capacity to take on new roles and responsibilities.

B.Sc in Accounting

The general philosophy of the programme is to develop the mind, impart both theoretical and practical knowledge on individuals to develop self-confidence, be innovative and self-reliant in the fields of Accounting and Management.

B.Sc in Actuarial Science

The Actuarial Science programme is to equip the students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order for them to work in Life and Non-life insurance companies, Consultancy; Government service and in the Stock exchange, Industry, Commerce and Academia.

B.Sc in Physics with Electronics

Physics is a branch of Science that is concerned with the most fundamental and general aspects of nature, as revealed in all forms of matter and energy. The aim of the programme is to create a highly marketable specialist skills in the

B.Sc in Economics

The programme will equip the students with a broad foundation in the field of social sciences, and ground them in the application of economic theory and the tools of economic analysis in solving human behavioural problems.

B.Sc in Industrial Chemistry

The programme provides sound training in fundamental areas of chemical principles commensurate with the needs and requirements of industries.

B.Sc in Computer Science

This programmes has been designed to equip students with both theoretical and practical knowledge in the various field of computing including but not limited to programming and application development, computer hardware and architecture, networking, artificial intelligence, data....

B.Sc in Industrial Mathematics

The aim of the programme is to prepare graduates with high technical abilities in the applications of mathematical solutions to real-world problems, to meet national demands.

B.Sc in Banking & Finance

The programme is aimed at producing high calibre graduates of Banking and Finance who are appropriately trained and infused with all the qualities needed to provide professional leadership and contribute to the society.

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