Student Affairs Office

We warmly welcome to the official web page of the Student Affairs Office.

We are saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring students’ welfare, development and discipline in the University campus and beyond. This is however achieved strategically through students assessment, development partnership for studentship inter-linkage, development programs, establishment of seamless and cordial relationship and sync between faculties and students, to mention a few.

Should you have any suggestions or complaints towards the enhancement and achievement of ensuring the students’ welfare, development and discipline in the University, please kindly contact us at the Student Affairs Office.

Dean, Student Affairs.

  1. Mission Statement

    To ensure the welfare, development and discipline of students’ in the University campus and beyond.

  2. Departments

    The Student Affairs Office is headed by the Dean, who functions as the overseer of all the composite units to ensure the objectives of the office is met.

    The Units in the Student Affairs Office includes:

    • Student Registration and Records Unit
    • Student Welfare Unit
    • Student Development Unit
    • Dean’s Office
  3. Staff
  4. Contact


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