Pure & Applied Sciences

  1. Welcome Message

    Welcome to the official web page of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan, Nigeria. The Faculty was established in 2017 as one of the foundation faculties of the University. The faculty houses two departments with six undergraduate degree programmes in Biochemistry, Computer Science, Industrial Chemistry, Industrial Mathematics, Microbiology and Physics with Electronics.

    In line with the ultimate goal of the university, The faculty fosters the growth and development of intellectuals and creativity in both students and faculties of the university in the field of pure and applied sciences; through the delivery of a well designed training curriculum tailored to our degree and development programmes, with strong cordial emphasis on academic research, discovery, inventions and publications for career advancement.

    As one of the primary objectives of the Faculty, the Faculty is saddled with the responsibility to engage all its Academics in leading researches and inventions that provokes change for growth and development relatively to the society. For detailed information on degree and development programme and academic activities offered by the Faculty, please take time to visit the corresponding department web sites.

    Dean, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.

  2. Departments

    The faculty houses two departments namely:

    1. Department of Natural Sciences
    2. Department of Physical Sciences
  3. Degree Programmes & Courses

    The faculty through the Departments runs six Degree Programmes & Courses namely:

    1. Department of Natural Sciences
      1. Biochemistry (B.Sc in Biochemistry)
      2. Microbiology (B.Sc in Microbiology)
    2. Department of Physical Sciences
      1. Computer Science (B.Sc in Computer Science)
      2. Industrial Chemistry (B.Sc in Industrial Chemistry)
      3. Industrial Mathematics (B.Sc in Industrial Mathematics)
      4. Physics with Electronics (B.Sc in Physics with Electronics)
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