Our Philosophy

  1. Brief Introduction

    The Precious Cornerstone University is a project of a people of vision in partnership with the Most High God for a complete emancipation and beautification of Africa. It is the belief of the University that the knowledge which upgrades human qualities, faculties and professional skills has the power to greatly impact on human welfare.

  2. Our Operation

    PCU provide opportunities for students of diverse backgrounds and interests to pursue a well-rounded approach to their development intellectually, spiritually, socially and to realize their unique potentials in professional, leadership and interpersonal skills irrespective of race, colour, religion, national origin or gender.

  3. Our Belief

    The University believes that bringing together talented knowledge-seekers across economic, geographic, religious, linguistic and cultural divides will enrich the students’ education. In order to reach a wide range of candidates with diverse experiences, the University also focus on attracting poor, rural youths who traditionally have been the most excluded and thus disempowered group.

    The knowledge, skills and resourcefulness of people are increasingly critical to the world economy as today’s global wealth is no longer concentrated in factories, land, tools and machinery. PCU believes that the benefits of higher education should be more widely available to the Nigerian citizens.

  4. Primary Objectives

    PCU offers a safe and supportive space for students from diverse backgrounds to explore and develop analytical and critical skills. It is a place to develop confidence and to tackle major obstacles to the total liberation of the mind.

    The University provides a setting for the students to reflect on their individual and collective roles in influencing and reshaping the underlying values and structures that dominate societies.

    Additionally, PCU goes beyond replicating and mimicking traditional and dominant norms and practices, by being committed to improving the social, political, cultural and economic structures with a view to moving the society forward by infusing possibility thinking and dominion mentality into the students.

    Our graduates are empowered with communication, research, creative-thinking, and decision-making skills necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world.

    The University focus on the power of example, inspiration to lead, rigour and quality.

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